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Free Shaquanda Cotton: Leave Shaquanda Notes of Love!

Free Shaquanda Cotton: Leave Shaquanda Notes of Love!
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Monday, May 23, 2005

How To Shave Years off of Your Internet Business Learning Curve!

You''ve Gotta Have A System.

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

The Keys To UNLOCK Your Internet Empire!"

You Can''t Guess Your Way To Success, You''ve Gotta Have a
System To Use The Internet As Your Ultimate Sales Genie
© 2005-2006 Jim R. Legington

This may come as a surprise... but it''s a fact, You Can''t
Guess Your Way To Success, You''ve Gotta Have a System.

Do You Have A System?

Our aim after 28 glorious years of faithful service Fighting
Fires and Saving Lives and Retiring from one of the Greatest
Systems on the face of this earth, Fire Department Operations,
is to impart to You the value of a good system in Your business.

You can''t guess your way to Success, Your Success begins in
Your Thinking. Thoughts lead to beliefs, and beliefs lead to
behavior, and BEHAVIOR Creates Results.....

Daily people are coming online with the idea that because
millions of people are using the internet they can make
a fortune without doing the proper planning for their own
thriving business. Well I don''t mean to burst Your bubble,
but without a system with laser like purpose and clarity of
Your thinking, You set yourself up for failure.

Government is a system, Military Operations is a system,
Police Departments, Medical Care and Hospitalization, Courts,
Education, Child Care, Football Teams, Basketball Teams,
Baseball Teams, Sport Teams in general, just to name a few
are all using a system and of course God Our Father has a
Spiritual System that is Superior and Ruler of us all.

Why on earth would one try and own a business online
without understanding that it still requires a system.

Here is How To Shave Years off of Your Internet Business
Learning Curve! Step By Step Profit Modules, Keys To UNLOCK
Your Internet Empire!"

Our purpose is to liberate the common man/woman with the
un-common Desire to Be A Champion In Life!

2 Corinthians 9:8 ( Updated NASB )
And God is able to make all grace abound to you, so that
always having all sufficiency in everything, you may have
an abundance for every good deed;

Champion Business is building valued relationships. Who
will be Your customers/clients and where will You find them
using the Internet? Who has a Demand for Your product?
Or what problem online can You solve with Your Business?

Nielson/NetRatings, May 2004 reported Active Internet Users
in the United States alone to be 142.4 Million and over
just eight demographic areas worldwide a total of over 300.5
million Active Internet Users. But who will be in Demand
for what You and Your Business will provide?

"Don''t Fear, Only Believe. All Things Are Possible with God.
A Good Blessing Is Ready To Unfold For You." There is more
than 365 "Fear Not" encouragements in God''s Word.
There are
more than one for every day of our lives yearly. "Fear Not, Only
Believe. All Things Are Possible with God.

Knowing who Your potential customer/clients are and where
You will find them online is one of the first spokes in the
wheel of Your Business System to use the Internet as Your
Ultimate Sales Genie.

Remember as You where shown in school that the Library has
a system to help You locate what it is You are seeking. So
does the Internet with its Billions of Web Page URLs online.

The Secret is Keyword Pharses that people will use to find
there information demands online. You need to position Your
Business to provide them the information and show them how
to benefit from Your Solutions Online. Certainly digitally
delivered products and solutions are shared in Mega fashion
just like that. Building the relationship with a "WOW"
helps contacts remember You by Your Unique Selling Proposition.

Champions in Life believe and live according to the major
relationship builder; "Just Do The Right Thing".

Keyword Mastery is a major player in the Success System of
Your Online Business. It will allow You to build a laser
targeted contact list and content website for Your Business.

Building a responsive contact list according to recent
surveys will have more impact on Your customers/clients
because this will do more nurturing of your relationship
than just a mere visit to Your website. Yes it is good
to have a content rich website, but think about it, do You want
to just depend on your customers bookmarking Your website?

Keyword Mastery is a means of shortening Your Internet
Learning Curve. Laser Targeted objective are better than
shooting B B''s in the dark any day.

So what is the moral of this story? Don''t shoot Yourself
in the foot from the beginning, the average surfer will
only be on Your webpage about 54 second if they just
stumbled upon your website. You have to have a follow-up
built into Your Business System. This is just as important
as building Your First website because it is the lifeline
of Your business online.You can start now working from
within to "Just Do The Right Thing" in Your Business.

Really, It''s truly an Inside Job that spreads outward.
Did You get that?

Where can You find good bait to Go Fishing and build a High
Responsive List? What example can be followed of a Quality
System that is easy to set-up and reduce your learning
curve starting from right now online and in Place to use?

I don''t want to reinvent the wheel just make progress as
soon as possible without a lot of pie in the sky, just a
doable System that I can put to work right away.

I want to auto-pilot my business profits as much as possible.

How can You Use The Internet as Your Ultimate Sales Genie?

Answers>>> Example Here>> Viral Market Experiment!

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How To Shave Years off of Your Internet Business Learning Curve!
Step By Step Profit Modules, Keys To UNLOCK Your Internet Empire!
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